29 January 2009

Adrian Wilson's 66-inch Hurdle Jump on Youtube Becomes Legendary

Over 6.2 millions viewers have witnessed the now legendary 66-inch hurdle jump that Arizona Cardinals Safety, Adrian Wilson, easily cleared during his training at Ikei Performance. Who would have guessed that a friendly competition placed on youtube would have found its way to national TV recently being featured on NFL Live, Jim Rome's Burning and ESPN News. Thanks to the miraculous athleticism of Adrian Wilson and the outstanding performance of our Arizona Cardinals, this 19 second clip has become legendary amongst sports enthusiasts. If you haven't seen the video clip click here: Adrian Wilson's 66-inch Jump

I've had the privilege of working with Adrian since 2001 and have witnessed some of the most incredible feats of strength, speed and power. This young man is a very dedicated and motivated individual and continuously strives to make himself better as well as those around him. I would like to share with you some footage of how hard one of the best safeties in the NFL trains and to prove to the world that talent coupled with hard work is the formula for success as Adrian is living proof. Please take a moment to watch this video and pass it along to any young athlete that you believe would be inspired to exceed all expectations.

20 January 2009

NFC Champions Arizona Cardinals Heading to Super Bowl XLIII – An Experience I Will Never Forget

“SHOCK THE WORLD,” was a statement many people used but only a few truly believed. The Arizona Cardinals are the NFC Champions and will be heading down to Tampa for the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII. Ikei Performance would like to congratulate Aaron Francisco, Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Wilson, Travis Laboy, Matt Ware, Taitusi “Deuce” Lutui, Gerald Hayes, Karlso Dansby, Elliot Vallejo and Antrel Rolle and wish them the best in the road to becoming Super Bowl Champions.

As the owner and founder of Ikei Performance, I’ve had the privilege to work with these players through the years and was extremely honored when Safety Aaron Francisco invited me to join him and his family to attend the NFC Championship Game. The festivities started off with a Kick-Off Luau at the Francisco Hale (house) on Saturday afternoon with great food, family and friends. Everyone got to the game on Sunday early to watch Francisco lead his team out to the coin toss at the beginning of the game as the Special Teams Captain. The Cardinals won the coin toss and the rest is history as they went on to become NFC Champions. Francisco had a great game finishing with 4 solo tackles and 1 interception. I would personally like to thank Aaron Francisco and his Ohana (family) for being a part of the Ikei Performance Ohana and appreciate sharing this wonderful moment with me.

This was an experience of a lifetime. I’ve competed at the national and world championships as well as Olympic Trials, attended every major professional sports game and have coached at some nail biting events, but the Cardinals win this past Sunday was something else. There’s something about the underdog going the extra distance when everyone counted them out and in the end pulling off the victory…that gets me pumped. I would like to share with you the craziness of how I felt on the final play of the game and witness what it was like standing in the stands when the final second ticked off the clock and the Cardinals was officially the NFC Champions heading to the Super Bowl. Click on the image to experience the intensity of the win.

Take a walk with me onto the field as Arizona Cardinals Safety Aaron Francisco celebrates the victory with his family during the NFC Championship Ceremony. Click on image to take a walk onto the field.