31 May 2008

ARTICLE VIDEO - Building a Champion, Phase 1: Structural Phase

Building a Champion one Phase at a time Part 1 – Structural Phase

This is the first installment of a 4 part series on our unique and proven system for producing the very best athletes.

Four Phase Approach for Elite Athletes
Phase 1: Structural Phase
Phase 2: Functional Hypertrophy
Phase 3: Maximal Strength
Phase 4: Power

In this first installment we will be focusing on the introduction phase (Phase 1) of our program, the Structural Phase. A sample Lower Body Program will be introduced with proper exercise technique for you to put to use immediately. Prepare yourself for the next level of training and the highest level of success.

Phase 1: Structural Phase
Initially, an evaluation of the individual athlete is performed to determine their strengths, weakness and structural imbalances of their body. It is very common in most athletes to find weaknesses with shoulder (rotator cuff) and hip extensor strength, flexibility, ankle stability, knee traction, and upper back posture. After the assessment is performed and the athlete’s performance goals determined, along with body composition and history of strength training, an individualized three week program is developed focusing on improving the weakest links. By doing so, we are able to minimize the injuries associated with that particular weak link. You may have heard the saying, “your only as strong as your weakest link”, well this applies quite well to the realm of sports performance and strength training, therefore it is important to bring those weak links up to par in the initial phase.

The Structural Phase is also the time to establish a base of conditioning and to maximize the athletes work capacity. It is common that every athlete that joins our program are either de-conditioned or what we call “out of shape” to our standards. It happens every time, the athlete claims to be ready for our program and that they have been training hard, but after the first day of training under the IKEI PERFORMANCE system they walk away wiped out and saying to our coaches: “I can’t believe how out of shape I really am, I thought I was working hard but after training with you guys today it’s a whole new level of hard work!” However, after 3 weeks of training in the Structural Phase the athlete’s ability to tolerate repeated bouts of work with great intensity is maximized.

Basic Guidelines
Before we introduce the program, it is important to go over some basic IKEI PERFORMANCE principles that will intensify and maximize your training.

1. Tempo: Tempo is described as the speed of a repetition during the execution of an exercise in seconds. For simplicity let’s use the pull-up as an example. Every time the weight is lowered against gravity (lowering your body weight) it is represented by the first number (5-0-1-0), when a movement requires a pause between the lowering of the weight & lifting of the weight (pause at arms stretched out) it is represented by the second number (5-0-1-0), lifting the weight against gravity (pulling your chin up above the bar) is represented by the third number (5-0-1-0), and when a movement requires a pause between the lifting of the weight & lowering of the weight (pause with chin above the bar) it is represented by the fourth number (5-0-1-0).

2. Rest: Rest is specific to the training phase and goals, stick to the designated rest period, DO NOT MILK THE REST PERIOD – BE A CHAMPION AND MAKE YOURSELF WORK HARD, and get a stopwatch.

3. Sets: The number of sets is determined by the specificity of goals alongside number of repetitions.

4. Repetition: The number of repetitions (reps) per exercise/set is once again determined by the phase of training.

An individualized Program
This program is focused on improving hip extensor strength (lower back, glutes and hamstrings). Please note that the workout below is only 1 of 2 lower body programs our athletes perform in the weight room during the week and the entire program changes every 3 weeks. Our athletes will also be performing 2-4 days of energy system training through sprinting, agility drills, stadium stairs or strongman training to name a few, to enhance lower body conditioning and speed.

A1) Paused Bulgarian Db Split Squat – back foot on bench
Tempo = 3-5-1-0, rest = 60 sec, sets = 3 sets, reps 6-8 reps
A2) 1 ¼ Lying Leg Curl – toes inward
Tempo = 5-0-1-0, rest = 60 sec, sets = 3 sets, reps 8-10 reps

B1) High Box Db Step-up
Tempo = 2-0-1-0, rest = 60 sec, sets = 3 sets, reps 12-15 reps
B2) Romanian Deadlift
Tempo = 5-0-1-0, rest = 60 sec, sets = 3 sets, reps 8-10 reps

C) Single Leg Supine Hip Extension on Ball
Tempo = 2-0-1-8, rest = 60 sec, sets = 3 sets, reps 6-8 reps

Note: The above exercises that are paired with an A1/A2 represents performing one exercise (A1) followed by the second exercise (A2) with the designated rest interval between each exercise. For more information on training programs, log onto www.ikeiperformance.com or email questions to info@ikeiperformance.com. Our next installment will cover Phase 2: Functional Hypertrophy.

20 May 2008

Running Back Covaughn Deboskie Honored at 17th Annual Watkins Trophy Award Dinner

Ikei Performance Athlete, Covaughn Deboskie, was honored at the 17th Annual Watkins Trophy Award Dinner as a finalist at Oscar Taylor Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. This award exemplifies academic success, athletic accomplishments and community service among young African-American Males, all of which Deboskie has accomplished during his high school years at Chandler Hamilton High School in Arizona. Through his hard work, discipline and initiative Deboskie became one of Arizona’s premier running backs (maintaining a 4.16 GPA) and recently joined the California Golden Bears as an early commit participating in Spring Football.

“It was a great honor and quite emotional for me to be invited to this special dinner. As his personal strength and conditioning coach I’ve been able to watch Covaughn grow both as an athlete and a young man. To train an athlete like Covaughn and help prepare him for the battle he faces on the gridiron is a lot of fun, but to see a young man be rewarded and recognized for his accomplishments on and off-the-field is priceless,” says Ikei Performance Owner Chad Ikei.

Congratulations Covaughn, the Ikei Performance Family wishes you much success at your academic and athletic future at Cal.

To learn more about the Watkins Memorial Trophy Award or The National Alliance of African American Athletes visit their website at www.NAAAA.com.

Covaughn with the National Alliance of African American Athletes recognition plaque

Covaughn with his greatest fans and supporters...FAMILY

Ikei Performance Owner Chad Ikei shared this memorable experience with his 10 year old son Chance, along with "Mommy" and the Deboskie Boys

Ikei Sports Chandler Opens New Elite Training Center in Arizona

Ikei Performance is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their Chandler, AZ facility. Since the doors of Ikei Performance Scottsdale opened back in 2004, it was always a goal for owner Chad Ikei to expand his elite training system to the Chandler area: “Many of our Professional Athletes live in the Chandler area and have been commuting back and forth to workout with us. In fact, some of our players drive over an hour at times to get in an intense training session and later have to turn around and drive home an additional hour. That type of dedication from our clients has motivated me to expand our services to that part of the city. It’s an honor when you have loyal and committed clients that believe in your product and services, especially when your miles and miles away.”

With the growing population of youth sports in the Chandler area, Ikei Sports Chandler will have an impact on shaping the future of many young developing athletes. “I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the best High School Athletes in the State and many of them came out of the Chandler area. These dedicated young individuals would sacrifice their summer to be dropped off in the morning to workout at our facility and then be either picked up or dropped off at home many hours later because they would not have a ride. Now that’s dedication on their part and has led to motivation on my part. The opportunity to share our elite training system and mentorship as coaches with these young athletes is truly what we are about. To provide structure, passion, integrity, intensity, discipline, motivation, inspiration and most importantly education to young men and women seeking to improve their performance in sports, that’s what we do, teach life skills necessary to succeed both on and off the field.”

Ikei Sports Chandler is located at 2223 W. Pecos Road, Suite 10, Chandler, AZ 85224. The exclusive 3400 s.f. training center is equipped with top of the line strength training equipment, indoor turf speed & agility area, functional strongman equipment, shower facility and cardio equipment.

Ikei Sports Chandler offers One-on-one personal training, partner and group sessions, adult fitness classes, youth training, speed & agility classes, sports camps and their Elite Intensive Training program.

Special Pre-Sale Offer of 20% off any new training package will continue until May 31, 2008.

Call 480.899.2094 to sign up today or email info@ikeiperformance.com.

Ikei Performance Athletes Aaron Francisco (Arizona Cardinals Safety), Kindred Payne (Cal D-lineman), Covaughn Deboskie (Cal Running Back) and JT Dixon (Wake Forest Tight End) breaking in the new training center under direction of Owner Chad Ikei.

A lot of sweat and hard work went into putting the facility together. Many thanks to Anthony Arceneaux, Garrett Shinoskie, Kenny King and Chance Ikei (pictured above). Also a very special thank you to Adam Mathis, Kamalei Magnani, Jonas Kanahele, Tom Perrin, Tim Ungacta, Anthony Williams, Ryan Maes and Nimesh Patel for the muscles needed to move the equipment around.

Special Fat Grip Dumbbells for training grip strength

"Olympic Weightlifting Platforms, Power Racks and Bumper Plates is a staple for every Ikei Performance," says Owner Chad Ikei a 5-time National Weightlifting Champion.

Indoor speed and agility turf training area

Walk-in shower available for business clients to freshen up before meetings

Ikei Sports Chandler 2223 W. Pecos Road Suite 10 Chandler, AZ 85224 480.899.2094 www.ikeiperformance.com

02 May 2008

Ikei Performance Athletes Attend NFL Rookie Camps

A life long dream is now put to reality as nine Ikei Performance Athletes report for their first NFL Rookie Camp. After 8-12 grueling weeks of the intense Ikei Performance NFL Draft Preparation Training, the sacrifice, hard work, dedication and commitment that these young men put into their future now comes down to these next three days. The strict nutritional & supplemental guidelines, brutal strength training sessions, technical speed & agility workouts, harsh conditioning and skill development drills, all done in multiple workouts 3-5 hours everyday will be put to the test over rookie camp.

Ikei Performance wishes the best to our 2008 NFL Draft Preparation Athletes:

West Texas A&M Offensive Lineman Patrick Schwenke - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
San Diego State Long Snapper Tyler Schmitt - Seattle Seahawks
University of Oklahoma Tight End Joe Jon Finley - San Francisco 49ers
University of Tennessee Defensive Tackle JT Mapu - Washington Redskins
Arizona State University Wide Receiver Rudy Burgess - Indianapolis Colts
Portland State University Center Brennan Carvalho - Green Bay Packers
University of Hawaii Defensive End Karl Noa - New York Jets
University of Hawaii Wide Receiver CJ Hawthorne - Atlanta Falcons
New Mexico State University Defensive Tackle Jared Naylor - Buffalo Bills