28 July 2007

Like Father Like Son - Future Olympic Weightlifting Champion

9 year old Chance Ikei works on his Olympic Weightlifting Technique as he performs a bodyweight clean of 30 kg. Chad Ikei (5-time National Weightlifting Champion) made a bet with his 9 year old son Chance that if he could clean his bodyweight he would give him 5 bucks...Chance walked away $5 richer. Although "Daddy" walked away with empty pockets he managed to proudly stroll away with a heart full of pride. If young Ikei continues to work hard he could possibly be the one to break Daddys records...TO BE CONTINUED...more of fun training videos to follow.

18 July 2007

Timmy Chang: Hawaii to Hamilton

In an interview on Ticats TV, Timmy Chang of the Hamilton Tigercats divulges details of his background, how he came to love football and the pressures of being the leader on the field.

He also talks about his future, the potential of becoming a coach, teaching kids and his passion for giving back to the youngsters in Hawaii.

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