24 October 2007

Ikei Performance Athlete Anthony "Bear" Bryant Signs with Miami Dolphins

CONGRATULATIONS to Ikei Performance Athlete, Anthony "Bear" Bryant, for signing with the Miami Dolphins. Big "Bear" had trained at Ikei Performance in preparation for his 2005 NFL Draft (6th Round, 178th overall) and spent his entire off-season preparing for the 2007-08 NFL season. His hard work, dedication and sacrifice has earned him an active roster spot with the Dolphins as a Defensive Tackle. "Bear" was determined to get himself in shape and showed amazing discipline as he lost over 50 pounds during this off-season. His intensive training program consisted of a strict personalized nutritional & supplemental plan, intense strength training sessions, as well as grueling conditioning & position drills. The entire Ikei Performance Family is proud to share the news and wishes "Bear" continued success throughout his career in football and beyond.

23 October 2007

Bicep Curls Taken To A New Level

YouTube Q & A

The following question was posted by a subscriber to Ikei Underground on YouTube in response to the Ogre Box Jump Video:

Q: Hi there. I jump up an down on boxes that are 36 inches high. I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall with shoes on and weight 190 lbs. Will this increase my vertical jump doing this exercise like this lineman does in the video? Thank you -

Best Regards,


A: Justin, thanks for the inquiry and interest in our training program. Performing box jumps on any size boxes will assist in improving vertical jump, but that is only a small piece of the puzzle. Box jumps alone obviously won't maximize your vertical jump when compared to a comprehensive strength training program. A good general rule of thumb to follow is this:

1. Improve your weakest links
2. Increase your functional lean muscle mass
3. Improve your functional relative and maximal strength
4. Increase the transfer of force application (speed of movement) to improve power

There are many other factors involved in improving jumping ability, but one of the easiest ways to improve your vertical jump is to improve your posterior chain strength (erectors, glutes and hamstrings) and incorporate explosive movements into your program. However, if you are preparing for a combine and needed to improve your vertical jump score then there are other ways of instantly improving your test score, but that's a whole different scenario as improving your score and improving your performance are 2 completely different goals. Keep up with the training. Discipline is the precursor to success.

Chad Ikei